Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a laundry available?

  • What About Apartment Ratings Sites?

  • Is parking available?

  • When should I call to check availability?

  • What about utilities?

  • How much is the rent?

  • What are the apartments like?

  • General Information

Is there a laundry available?

Each floor has its own laundry room.

All New Laundry Equipment

At Westminster we have just installed all new laundry equipment.
All of the washers and dryers are energy efficient and operate with a smartphone app or a
laundry card provided by management.
After downloading the CALECO CleanMobile app from the App Store or Google Play,
residents can scan the QR Code or enter the Machine Number located on the laundry machine
to start the cycle.
Residents can also use CALECO CleanMobile to:
> Purchase laundry credit
> Start laundry machines via Bluetooth
> Receive alerts when laundry cycle is complete View transaction history
> View complete purchase history
> Request Service
> Request Refunds

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What About Apartment Ratings Sites?

I’ve heard many people say they want to rent at a particular apartment community because they have high
ratings on some of the apartment ratings sites such as As with anything you find on
the internet today you must filter it using your common sense. With the apartment ratings sites the
residents can post anything they like at no charge. If some of the statements are not accurate the
apartment community will have to pay a substantial fee to post a response. One thing that is disturbing
is some disgruntled residents at some properties have posted personal attacks naming staff member with the intent to damage their reputations.

Apartment Ratings
Apartment Ratings - apartment reviews by real people
Search for an apartment community to see what others
have to say!


Go ahead and check the
different ratings sites. Savvy
internet users will be accustom
to practicing the use of a little
skeptical optimism and will be
able to find some useful content.

So read the reviews with with the ground rules in mind; but .........don’t forget to use
your common sense.

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Is Parking Available?

Street parking is easy and free with a Parking Sticker from the Philadelphia Parking Authority.
Residents can purchase parking permits that exempt them from meter and time
limit restrictions on posted blocks.The price for the sticker is about $35 per year.

There are several pay lots near Westminster Arch Apartments. They offer daily and monthly parking.
Westminster is not affiliated with any of these lots so you will have to contact them for their rates.

There are new building under construction adjacent to Westminster. When complete, these will offer parking.

Another option is to use Zipcar, a car share service with cars near Westminster. We
have a partner agreement with them for discounted memberships.


Eligibility To be eligible for a Residential Permit Parking sticker, your vehicle must display
Pennsylvania license plates and be registered to your home address within the
area's permit parking district. In addition to your vehicle registration, you must
provide PPA with proof of residence in the form of:
* Your driver's license
* Your lease (cannot be handwritten)
* A recent utility bill in your name
The vehicle registration requirement can be waived if you drive a company car
(including a leased company car), or if you are in the military service.
Please call 215 683-9730 for further information on requirements.
Terms and Fees Permits cost $35 per vehicle for the first year and $20 for annual renewal.
If your permit is expired, your vehicle is in violation and will be ticketed.
Visitor permits are available for $15 for fifteen days. If you have three
or more unpaid parking tickets, all outstanding fines and penalties
must be paid before any permit can be issued.
Restrictions and Exclusions Permits are only valid on blocks posted for permit parking and only
those posted with the district number for which the permit is issued.
For example, a permit issued for District 1 is not valid in District 3.

Permit holders are exempt only from posted time limit and meter
fees on Residential Parking Permit blocks. They are still required to
comply with all other regulations such as “No Parking”, “No Stopping”,
“ Loading Zone”, etc.

Permit holders are not exempt from time limits or meter fees on
blocks not posted for permit parking.

Apply for a Parking Permit You can apply for a parking permit through the mail or by visiting:
      Philadelphia Parking Authority

      3101 Market Street

      Philadelphia, PA 19104-2807

For questions, or to request an application, please call 215 683-9730.

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Checking Availability

The notice period for all apartments at Westminster Arch Apartments is 60 days. Checking with
the rental office around the first of the month 60 days prior to your move date is a good guideline
to inquire about any upcoming apartments. Normally we don't know more than 60 days in advance
but calling early doesn't hurt. We rarely list available apartments as they rent quickly.

If you can be flexible about the beginning date of your lease you may find a larger selection to choose. This is true for Westminster Arch and other apartments in Philadelphia. There's always a strong demand for August and September start dates but by considering an earlier or later start date may put you in a smaller pool of apartment shoppers and increase you chances of finding a great apartment..

looking early is okay!

Other Places to Look

If you're looking at other rental properties many of the guidelines for Westminster will apply to other
apartment communities. In addition to calling the apartment complex directly you can also find
information on available apartments at Philly Weekly,, a free publication coming out every Wednesday.
It seems apartment owners are beginning to rely less on these printed publications and are turning to
the internet. Sites like Craig's List are places where you can often find good apartment leads.

A friend of Westminster Arch Apartments over the years has been Off Campus Living at the University of Pennsylvania.  If you're lucky you'll meet Miki Farcas. She runs the show there and is always willing
to go the extra step to help those in need.

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What about utilities?

Each apartment is separately metered for electric, hot and cold water.

electric meter

Each apartment receives a monthly bill for the exact amount consumed.
The bills are distributed to the apartments around the 25th of the month.
You pay the utility bill to the rental office on the first of each month along
with you rental payment.

Residents don't have to deal with the public utility companies. A meter
reading is taken when you move in and this will start the billing for your apartment.When you move the same thing happens....a reading is taken
and a final bill is produced from that reading.

The only utility(s) you will have to arrange are cable television, internet and phone service.
Currently Westminster Arch Apartments is able to offer Comcast and Fios by Verizon as providers for television, internet and phone service.

Westminster has dedicated representatives for both Comcast and Fios by Verizon.  You can pick up their contact information in the Westminster management office. These representatives will be happy to explain any specials and assist in getting you set up.

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How much is the rent?

Rents for each apartment are also listed under the "Apartments" Link but generally speaking, studios range from $1,100. to $1,240. One bedrooms are  $1,590. and a two bedroom two bath rent for $2,075.

One Bedroom

one bedroom

Two Bedroom

two bedroom

Junior One Bedroom

two bedroom

Studio 600 sq Ft.

studio 600

Studio 550 sq Ft.

studio 550

Studio 500 sq Ft.

studio 500

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What are the apartments like and how large are they?

Below is a photo of the Junior One Bedroom

All of the apartments are exceptionally large and modern. The studios range from 500 to 600 sq. ft.
One bedrooms are 850 sq. ft. and a Junior one bedroom is 650 sq. ft. The two bedroom two bath
apartment is over 1,200 sq. ft. and has a large walk-in closet in the master bedroom.  Each apartment
is equipped with air conditioning. All have large walk-in closets and hardwood floors.  There are several
different floor plans for the studios.  Many of the studios and all of the one and two bedrooms have a
built in bar. All apartments have a separate kitchen equipped with dishwasher, microwave and
garbage disposal. Some studios are ell shaped and spacious enough to easily accommodate a queen
size bed when configured as a separate sleeping area.

Typical 500 sq ft studio

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Westminster Arch Apartments

We like to think we are in the ideal location in Philadelphia

Westminster Arch Apartments is a modern elevator apartment building. We are located in Center City Philadelphia at the corner of 23rd and Arch Streets. We offer large affordable apartments in Philadelphia. All the apartments have fully equipped separate kitchens, tile baths, walk in closets and air conditioning.

We are in a great location….a short walk to Center City business district, 30th Street Train Station, University of Penn and Drexel University.
Many residents enjoy the nearby access to Fairmount Park for recreational activities and easy access to the expressway and public transportation.

We offer several different floor plans. Our studio apartments are between 500 and 600 sq. ft. All are large with modern amenities. Other size apartments include a Jr. one bedroom, one and two bedrooms. Click the Apartments link to view the different apartments. Philadelphia Apartment shopping made easy.

On the Neighborhood Link you will find more information about the area where Westminster Arch Apartments is located. We like to say.... ...”the location can't be beat”.

The online application makes renting apartments in Philadelphia easy. Check out Philadelphia Links for useful information about the city and area.

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