Is there a laundry available?

Is there a laundry available?

Each floor of the building has it's own laundry.

When is Old Better than New?

At Westminster we followed the trend and switched to the "smart card" a while back.
What we found was it wasn’t that smart of a decision.
Resident's smart cards often stopped working-- flashing "error" sometimes between the
wash and dry cycles. This would leave the smart card user with a wet load of wash and
a card that wouldn’t activate the dryer.

Solution.....simple......switch back to reliable quarters to operate the machines.
We provide a resident pleasing laundry on each floor.   The equipment is well maintained,
reliable and energy efficient.

With the laundry near your apartment there's no need to pack for a "trip" to the laundry
room. Just drop your wash in --go back to your apartment -- and return when it’s done!

Zen Proverb

“After enlightenment, the laundry.”

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