What About Apartment Ratings Sites?

What About Apartment Ratings Sites?

I’ve heard many people say they want to rent at a particular apartment community because they have high
ratings on some of the apartment ratings sites such as ApartmentRatings.com As with anything you find on
the internet today you must filter it using your common sense. With the apartment ratings sites the
residents can post anything they like at no charge. If some of the statements are not accurate the
apartment community will have to pay a substantial fee to post a response. One thing that is disturbing
is some disgruntled residents at some properties have posted personal attacks naming staff member with the intent to damage their reputations.

Apartment Ratings
Apartment Ratings - apartment reviews by real people
Search for an apartment community to see what others
have to say!


Go ahead and check the
different ratings sites. Savvy
internet users will be accustom
to practicing the use of a little
skeptical optimism and will be
able to find some useful content.

So read the reviews with with the ground rules in mind; but .........don’t forget to use
your common sense.

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