Is parking available?

Is Parking Available?

Street parking is easy and free with a Parking Sticker from the Philadelphia Parking Authority.
Residents can purchase parking permits that exempt them from meter and time
limit restrictions on posted blocks.The price for the sticker is about $35 per year.

There are several pay lots near Westminster Arch Apartments. They offer daily and monthly parking.
Westminster is not affiliated with any of these lots so you will have to contact them for their rates.

There are new building under construction adjacent to Westminster. When complete, these will offer parking.

Another option is to use Zipcar, a car share service with cars near Westminster. We
have a partner agreement with them for discounted memberships.


Eligibility To be eligible for a Residential Permit Parking sticker, your vehicle must display
Pennsylvania license plates and be registered to your home address within the
area's permit parking district. In addition to your vehicle registration, you must
provide PPA with proof of residence in the form of:
* Your driver's license
* Your lease (cannot be handwritten)
* A recent utility bill in your name
The vehicle registration requirement can be waived if you drive a company car
(including a leased company car), or if you are in the military service.
Please call 215 683-9730 for further information on requirements.
Terms and Fees Permits cost $35 per vehicle for the first year and $20 for annual renewal.
If your permit is expired, your vehicle is in violation and will be ticketed.
Visitor permits are available for $15 for fifteen days. If you have three
or more unpaid parking tickets, all outstanding fines and penalties
must be paid before any permit can be issued.
Restrictions and Exclusions Permits are only valid on blocks posted for permit parking and only
those posted with the district number for which the permit is issued.
For example, a permit issued for District 1 is not valid in District 3.

Permit holders are exempt only from posted time limit and meter
fees on Residential Parking Permit blocks. They are still required to
comply with all other regulations such as “No Parking”, “No Stopping”,
“ Loading Zone”, etc.

Permit holders are not exempt from time limits or meter fees on
blocks not posted for permit parking.

Apply for a Parking Permit You can apply for a parking permit through the mail or by visiting:
      Philadelphia Parking Authority

      3101 Market Street

      Philadelphia, PA 19104-2807

For questions, or to request an application, please call 215 683-9730.

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