When should I call to check availability?

Checking Availability

The notice period for all apartments at Westminster Arch Apartments is 60 days. Checking with
the rental office around the first of the month 60 days prior to your move date is a good guideline
to inquire about any upcoming apartments. Normally we don't know more than 60 days in advance
but calling early doesn't hurt. We rarely list available apartments as they rent quickly.

If you can be flexible about the beginning date of your lease you may find a larger selection to choose. This is true for Westminster Arch and other apartments in Philadelphia. There's always a strong demand for August and September start dates but by considering an earlier or later start date may put you in a smaller pool of apartment shoppers and increase you chances of finding a great apartment..

looking early is okay!

Other Places to Look

If you're looking at other rental properties many of the guidelines for Westminster will apply to other
apartment communities. In addition to calling the apartment complex directly you can also find
information on available apartments at Philly Weekly,, a free publication coming out every Wednesday.
It seems apartment owners are beginning to rely less on these printed publications and are turning to
the internet. Sites like Craig's List are places where you can often find good apartment leads.

A friend of Westminster Arch Apartments over the years has been Off Campus Living at the University of Pennsylvania.  If you're lucky you'll meet Miki Farcas. She runs the show there and is always willing
to go the extra step to help those in need.

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