What about utilities?

What about utilities?

Each apartment is separately metered for electric, hot and cold water.

electric meter

Each apartment receives a monthly bill for the exact amount consumed.
The bills are distributed to the apartments around the 25th of the month.
You pay the utility bill to the rental office on the first of each month along
with you rental payment.

Residents don't have to deal with the public utility companies. A meter
reading is taken when you move in and this will start the billing for your apartment.When you move the same thing happens....a reading is taken
and a final bill is produced from that reading.

The only utility(s) you will have to arrange are cable television, internet and phone service.
Currently Westminster Arch Apartments is able to offer Comcast and Fios by Verizon as providers for television, internet and phone service.

Westminster has dedicated representatives for both Comcast and Fios by Verizon.  You can pick up their contact information in the Westminster management office. These representatives will be happy to explain any specials and assist in getting you set up.

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